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How can a website recover from spamming links?


How can a website recover from spamming links?


Adeel from Manchester UK asked how did Interflora turn their ban in 11 days? Can you explain what kind of penalty they had, how they fixed it, as some of us have spent months trying to clean things up after an unclear Google Webmaster Tools notification.

Rather than talking about a specific company, he will talk in a more general way. Google tends to look at if buying so many links that pass page rank, it is a violation of their guidelines and if they see that happening multiple times, repeatedly, then the actions that they take will be more severe, and they will take stronger actions whenever they see repeated violations. If a company were to be caught buying links, and if they were to go back and disavow every single link they had gotten in 2012, then that’s a pretty monumentally epic large action so the company is going to say that they might have had good links for a number of years and then they just had a really bad advice and someone did everything wrong for a few months or so. This is a pretty radical action and that’s the sort of thing where if Google heard back in a reconsideration request that someone had taken that kind of a strong action then they could look and say this is something the people are taking seriously. It is not something Google will typically recommend for everybody to disavow every link that the company got in for a period of years, but certainly when people start over with completely new web sites that they bought, Google has seen a few cases where people disavow every single link because they truly want to get a fresh start. It’s a nice looking domain but the previous owners had already burned it to a crisp in terms of the amount of web spam they’ve done.

Typically what Google sees from reconsideration request as people starting out and just trying to prune a few links. A good reconsideration request is often using the domain query, domain colon, and taking out large amounts  of domains which have  bad links. It is not recommended to remove everything for the last year or last year and a half, but if that sort of large scale action if taken can have an impact whenever Google is accessing a domain within a reconsideration request.